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5 Cities Roadshow
A day with Idol – Putih Langsat Sariayu


This is the first city to be visited by the team of Sariayu and Adly Fairuz in their tour Seharian Bersama Idola – Sariayu (A Day with the Idol – Sariayu). On Saturday morning, 6 December 2008, Adly and the Sariayu team plus Activator (Event Organizer) and Creative Style (agency) picked up Anggun Mayang Sari at her house. There was a lot of commotion happening in the neighborhood as people gathered around to catch a glimpse of the artist.

After a few kind exchanges and voucher giveaways, Adly and Anggun head directly to lunch at RM Malioboro. Next they played to their hearts content at Water Park, try out the flying fox, and many others. Tired of playing, Adly and Anggun were given a hand and foot treatment at the Salon and Day Spa, Martha Tilaar. Hmm, how relaxing! Before going to dinner at Ru Cola, Anggun still got the time for a beauty touch up from the makeup team of Sariayu.

The candle light dinner was made even more special with the arrival of local reporters to interview and taking pictures. It's definitely an unforgettable moment!


In the second city, the lucky winner was Iryani Novianty. She gets the chance to have an all-day date with the nice and always smiling Arie Dwiandhika. After getting picked up at her home and asking permission from her parents, Iryani then heads off to Pizza Ria for lunch with local media. Next, Iryani, as host, takes Arie to shop at Makassar's souvenir shops. Arie seems so excited to purchase all sorts of cloth as souvenirs. After they were finished, they went to Losari Beach to enjoy the scenery with the wind blowing hard at them. Then they went to the Rotterdam Fort, one of the historical places at Makassar. There were a bunch of students who spotted Arie and then asked to take pictures with him. The rest of the afternoon was completed with a spa treatment at the Salon and Day Spa Martha Tilaar at Hotel Clarion. For dinner, they ate Makassar specialty food at Surya Super Crab restaurant. Hmm, yummy! Last, before they part ways, Arie and Iryani exchange gifts and take pictures together.


Unexpectedly the winner from Medan is a man! That's not a problem, however, for Galih Ginanjar because Sofyan is a very exciting and humorous guy. The first session was lunch with reporters at Wong Solo restaurant. This was a first experience for Sofyan with the media. A memorable experience. Since he likes to be photographed, Sofyan takes Galih to Mari Foto Studio to instill their moments together with so many poses! It was definitely a riot!

Next, Galih and Sofyan headed off to Citra Garden, a playground where they tried several adrenalin-challenging games. A cultural visit to the Maimoon Palace became the next destination. A tour guide informed them of the history of the palace that used to be a home for members of the royalty. Of course, a visit to Medan without tasting their specialties would be incomplete—taking the pedicab, they tasted Bolu Miranti and Bika Ambon Zuleka, plus Medan's very own durian. At night, they went to a cafe and played pool until late at night and thus the journey ends.

Widiati never suspected she would receive a special gift from her favorite product, Putih Langsat, Sariayu. The presence of Randy Pangalila at her house in the morning became the center of attention of her neighbors. They went directly to Bebaqaran for lunch with local reporters. Randy's humorous nature enlivens the Q&A session. Afterwards, they head off to Museum Kereta, Keraton's Residence, and Taman Air. There Randy gets to meet a lot of fans from a student's study tour! A ride in a carriage (a traditional andong) from Malioboro to Mirota Batik also became a public's spectacle. After they finished shopping, it's time to get a spa treatment at the Salon and Day Spa Martha Tilaar. The artistic team of Sariayu didn't forget to touch up Widiati's makeup before dinner. The restaurant of choice was Omah Dhuwur restaurant at the Kota Gede area, which was a perfect place for a candle light dinner. They were given a special dining room for just the two of them. The day was ended when they exchanged souvenirs and took pictures together.


The experience in the last city is nothing less than special because Tommy Kurniawan seems super excited to be Nova's date for the entire day. They started the day with lunch with the media at Tomodachi, Bellagio Mal. Next, due to a shared passion for singing, Nova took Tommy for karaoke at D'Light! They turned out to be really great singers. A lot of songs were chosen and they sang it in a very lively spirit. From Kuningan, the car took them to Prapanca for a spa treatment for an hour or so. For a romantic candle light dinner, Birdcage, a new restaurant at the Wijaya area, was chosen.

Thanks a lot to the sponsors who have supported the success of Seharian Bersama Idola – Sariayu: Taruna Kusmayadi, Levi's, Pierre Cardin, Yongki Komaladi, and media partners: Bintang Indonesia, Chic, and Kawanku

Expect more surprises from Sariayu Martha Tilaar!!!




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