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Jamu Sariayu Martha Tilaar, meraih Anugerah Produk Asli Indonesia

Trend Warna 2009 Sariayu Martha Tilaar
Cantika East Java
Indonesia's Beauty Inspiration

This far east province in the island of Java is rich in historical and cultural background. The land is fertile and full of variety. The Charm of East Java has inspired Sariayu's 2009 Color Trend, "Cantika Jawa Timur."

East Java has various interesting objects. This is the second time Sariayu has borrowed the charms of East Java when nine years ago the scenic Mount Bromo in the morning and the unique batik of Madura became the source of inspiration for the 1999 color trend with the theme The Morning Sun of Bromo.

Now the grandness of the Reog Ponorogo dance and the conservation area of Taman Nasional Alas Purwo with its abundance of wildlife, including the green peacock that also became the source of inspiration.

The peacock is a bird that lives in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. From the three species of peacock that exist, the green peacock (Pavo Muticus) can be found in Indonesia and has the most gorgeous feather with a blue and tosca green color. When attracting the opposite sex, the male peacock will raise its feather to form something that resembles a huge and marvelous fan. The Green Peacock is considered to be an endangered animal with a population of less than 1000. The Alas Purwo Forest has become a home for the peacock and other endangered animals, such as Javanese Buffalo, deers, leopards, tortoise, as well as rare plants.  (source: wikipedia, www.birdlife.org, www.peafowl.com, www.amyspeacockparadise.com)

The beautiful feather of the peacock can be enjoyed through the Reog Ponorogo dance from the town of Ponorogo, East Java. The dance is known for its huge lion mask with peacock feathers adorning it.

It has been said that the Reog dance was created by Ki Ageng Kutu, the royal servant of King Bra Kertabumi of Majapahit. Ki Ageng Kutu was disappointed to see the corrupt nature of Kertabumi and also because he lets himself to be heavily controlled by the Chinese Kingdom. Therefore he used the Reog dance to criticize Kertabumi. The lion's head represents Singa Barong, the symbol of Kertabumi, while the peacock feather is a symbol of the Chinese's. In the dance there is a group of Gemblak dances that became a symbol of the Majapahit troops and Warok as a symbol of the followers of Ki Ageng Kutu. The mask weighs 50kg and was raised and pulled with the teeth of Ki Ageng Kutu (source: wikipedia)

It's fertile land also makes the East Java province rich in natural produce, among others apple, melon, orange, and coffee. Meanwhile the beauty of the valley of Mount Ijen that produces sulfur is also one of the touristic appeal of East Java other than the legendary Mount Bromo.

The survey trip of the Sariayu team and Creative Style Advertising as the agency explores these interesting objects, starting from the town of Ponorogo, then heading off east to Banyuwangi. We discovered a variety of tourist objects, natural scenery, and cultures.

After going through the data based on the survey and combined with the world’s color trend, Sariayu thus presents the theme:


Available in 2 collection: MERAK KASMARAN and REOG

Eye Shadow
Each collection consists of 3 colors.
Merak Kasmaran : Tosca, purple and yellow
Reog : Golden Brown, Gold, and Maroon.

Consists of 6 color series with melon and apple aroma, infused with 100% natural series, Vit. A and E as antioxidants, plus SPF 15 

Liquid Lip Colour Double Action
Liquid lipstick to create a dual effect in one package. Colorful gloss effect and pearly transparent shine.

Duo Eye Make Up
For the current trend, Sariayu offers their latest innovation: Duo Eye Makeup, with Mascara and Eye Liner in one package.

: Curls the lashes without clumping it

Eye Liner :
Its soft brush is able to frame the eyes. Soft texture and easily dry.

Support by WWF-Indonesia

Through the launch of the 2009 color trend Cantika Jawa Timur, Sariayu Martha Tilaar shows their concern for the conservation of nature, especially in Indonesia with its floral and fauna that for the last 23 years has become a source of inspiration to determined makeup's color trend.

Along with that, Sariayu has a commitment to give support to the place that has inspired their color trend. Their support is used to conserve local environment and culture.

This has been supported fully by WWF – Indonesia due to the same goal preserving nature 

With WWF-Indonesia full support, Sariayu invites consumers to join contribute by helping to conserve nature through a program where consumers who buys one product from Sariayu's Trend 2009 will donate Rp.500, -. The proceeds will then be managed by WWF-Indonesia through the means of education, such as the training of the people who lives near Alas Purwo to conserve their environment and to not make Alas Purwo their primary source of living.

That goes for other areas, in which the program will be done through the Environment Education Program. With the WWF body itself, the program is under the supervision of the Department of Governance, Community, and Corporate Engagement, with Nazir Foead as Director.

Throughout 2009, there will be more programs coming from the collaboration of Sariayu and WWF-Indonesia, especially in East Java.

Collaboration with APPMI

The world of makeup is part of fashion. Both merges as part of a lifestyle, especially in big cities. The appreciation of Asosiasi Pengusaha Perancang Mode Indonesia (APPMI, or Indonesian Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs Association) towards the products and color trends of Sariayu in general is proof of APPMI’s confidence in Sariayu and the artistic team of Martha Tilaar: Puspita Martha. The fashion concept of the designers appears whole and full of harmony, starting from hair, makeup to dresses.

Sariayu also appreciates APPMI’s efforts to held their annual fashion show that has now become a barometer of the fashion world in Indonesia.

Sariayu 2009 Color Trend Series of Activities

  • Premier launch of APPMI Fashion Exploration 2009 in Jakarta on December 3 – 4, 2008
  • Launching in Surabaya, late January 2009
  • Road Show in several major cities in Indonesia, total of 100 outlets
  • Consumer Promo at Sariayu’s counters. This year will minimize the use of plastic materials.
  • Beauty Class “Trend Makeup 2009”

The Journey of Sariayu Color Trend

The year 1987 marks as a historical start for the journey of Sariayu's decorative makeup. With the theme Senja di Sriwedari, Sariayu was able to give a new nuance for the makeup of Indonesian women. The success is followed by new color trends every year afterwards that still relies on the concept of combining the world's color trend with the richness of Indonesia's nature and culture.

The following were Sariayu's color trend from 1987 to 2007:

1. Senja di Sriwedari - 1987
2. Gaya Warna Disainer - 1988
3. Sumatra Bergaya – 1989
4. Puri Prameswari - 1990
5. Senandung Nyiur - 1991
6. Riwayat Asmat - 1992
7. Rama-Rama Toraja - 1993
8. Balada Banda Naira - 1994
9. Lenggang Betawi - 1995
10. Aceh Gemilang – 1996
11. Misteri Dayak - 1997
12. Pusako Minang -1998
13. Mentari Pagi Bromo - 1999
14. Millenium Nusantara - 2000
15. Taman Air Minahasa – 2001
16. Kharisma Jogja – 2002
17. Bunga Khatulistiwa-2003
18. Paras Nusapada – 2004
19. Eksotika Bali – 2005
20. Pelangi Sriwijaya – 2006
21. Parijs Van Java – 2007
22. Kilau Martapura – 2008

We thank the media who have supported Sariayu Martha Tilaar after all this time. Let us make local products be the leader in our own country.

For more information, please visit: www.marthatilaar.com

Corporate Communication Manager
Martha Tilaar Group
email: esativani@martinaberto.co.id
phone: 93862177

Patricia Husada
Marketing Manager PT. Martina Berto
email: phusada@martinaberto.co.id
phone:0811934969/ 021 93861858

Dian Asmarani Salindri
Brand Manager Sariayu – dekoratif
email: dasalindri@martinaberto.co.id
phone: 93862122/081311070207


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