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Sariayu Tea For Slim

Sariayu Tea for Slim is made from these natural ingredients: Jati Belanda leaves extracts, Tea leaves, Temu Giring extracts, Alang Alang, Vetiver

Sariayu Tissue Sirih Wangi

The only tissue for women that contains betel leaves (daun sirih) extracts, and no alcohol, that works as an anti bacterial as well as to clean women’s private parts and prevent keputihan (fluor albus).

Paket Habis Bersalin

Treatment product to restore the health of mothers after giving birth up to 40 days afterwards. Made from natural ingredients

Lancar Datang Bulan

To refresh the body prior to, during, and after menstruation. Drink once a day to reduce menstruation pain.

Kaplet Wulandari

- Stimulate blood circulation, especially around the uterus
- Helps increase fertility
- Refresh the body

Kaplet Selangking Singset

Lower body weight, to slim and tighten body

Kaplet Jerawat

Helps prevent the reoccurrence of blemishes as well as to erase its scar.

Kaplet Susut Perut

To prevent the accumulation of fat on the stomach, to lower the amount of fat and cholesterol in the blood



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