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Inspired by the beautiful and exotic land of Sumatra as one of the world’s ecosystem that needs to be protected, Sariayu presents their 24th Color Trend, 'Senandung Rimba Sumatera'.

Sumatra is known as the Land of Gold because it's populated with floral species that emanates a golden gleam when hit by the sunlight. Almost half of the land of Sumatra consists of lush forests that functions as a water catchment areas, one of the world's producer of oxygen, a source of medicinal plants, and other natural resources.

The jungle of Sumatra is also home to many wildlife and exotic plants, including the rare and protected Rafflesia Arnoldii (the widest flower in the world) and Titan Arum (or carrion flower, the tallest flower). It's also a conservation area for various endangered tropical animals, such as the Sumatran tiger and elephants.

But due to man's negligent behavior, today the jungles of Sumatera have lost 29% of its land. If the condition persists, then there is the possibility that in five years time the jungle will be completely destroyed and it will endanger its inhabitants. The only way to save the Sumatra jungle and its exotic inhabitants is to take immediate action. That is why Sariayu has established cooperation with WWF – Indonesia to save the forests.




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